The beauty of the individual.

It’s true. No two people are alike. 

Even more fascinating - the same person is different from one moment to the next.

I like to notice what makes an individual unique, what sets them apart, what are the things that light them up and what makes them vulnerable. It all starts with observing without an agenda.

Whether it’s the glint of an eye or a subtle energy shift - I document the instances you barely notice and show how you look when you’re not thinking about it.

Portraits that heal.

Self-portraiture has unlock ed a new level of vulnerability in me - and also in my work.
Facing your true self is liberating.
Accepting the parts of yourself you subconsciously reject will unleash your inner strength.
I want to help create this healing experience for the people I photograph.
As a photographer, I take responsibility to ensure you are comfortable enough to be your authentic self around me.