Yoga teacher mediating on the steps of a cottage in Goa, India

Welcome to the realm of Retreat Photography, where the power of visuals meets the tranquility of inner journeys

Macro top angle view of a fractal pattern in a red tropical flower in Goa, India
A woman outside a hut in the forest in Goa, India




Woman in a balancing yoga pose on the rocks by a beach in Goa, India

If you're here, you're likely a retreat host, a spiritual seeker, or someone passionate about wellness. Through the art of photography, I aim to encapsulate the love, connection, and transformation that unfold in your retreats. 

Why Retreat Photography?


Peace of Mind

Focus on the experience & savour the tranquility of your event, knowing every moment is being beautifully captured.


Inspire & Promote

Elevate your brand & future retreats with captivating marketing content. 


Capture the Magic

A visual narrative that captures the emotions & energy that define your retreat experience.

Women in a Yoga session on a Goa beach, with grey skies and the ocean in the background

Retreat Photography Packages


Just as your retreats are one-of-a-kind, so are my photography packages.

Each package will be thoughtfully customized to align with your retreat's spirit & goals, considering factors such as:

  • duration of your event
  • amount of documentation needed
  • location
  • whether you'd like mini brand sessions for yourself & your guests

To book a free consultation, reach out to me on my contact page.

I'll be in touch soon after!

Why Vaijayanti?

Storytelling Expertise

As a seasoned documentary wedding photographer, I have honed my skills in storytelling through images for 15+ years.

I not only appreciate but celebrate the beauty of raw, unscripted moments.

silhouette of woman in yoga pose, with sun setting over the ocean in background

Spiritual Sensitivity

My own spiritual journey adds a profound layer of depth to my work. I recognise the power of these spaces in fostering life-altering transformations. This awareness allows me to document your retreat with sensitivity & respect.


Vaijayanti has the unique skill to be present at the most precious moment & the eye to capture the shot that encapsulates the whole experience of the moment in a way that makes you relive it all over again months later. Very few people have the creative flair & attention to detail that I've seen in her.

Megan Fernandes

How far in advance should I book you?

It's best to reach out a few months before your retreat to ensure that I am available & secure your dates ASAP!

Do I need to provide food and accommodation?

Yes, accommodations and meals should be provided during the event.

Do you travel? Are the prices different?

Yes, I do. While the prices for my packages are the same across the world - for any shoots outside of Goa & Dubai, travel would be added to your invoice.

How do you handle privacy and consent of the retreat participants in your photos?

Privacy and consent are essential to the integrity of my work. While the retreat host is actually responsible to get permission to photograph their guests during their retreat - I always ask the group if anyone prefers not to be photographed and respect their wishes.

What can I do to make the best out of our collaboration?

Clear communication about your vision and special moments is key. Before the retreat, we'll have a detailed discussion to understand your preferences & create a photography plan that aligns with your retreat's spirit.

When do I get the photos, and what if I want more?

You receive a preview within a week from your retreat. Full set will be delivered in 4 weeks. Additional photo requests can be accommodated.