Black and white portrait of Personal Brand Photographer in Goa, India

Hi, Im Vaijayanti

A portrait and natural light photographer, living my dream in gorgeous Goa.

I’m also a Yoga practitioner, eternal student of life, devoted cat mom, passionate bookworm & former extroverted soul who has moved into her ‘introvert era’.

My life’s purpose is to tell stories. I pursued a career in journalism before I discovered photography. Though the form of storytelling has changed over the years — from writing to wedding photography and personal branding photography what remained constant is the desire to make people light up and to tell stories that uplift, inspire & empower.

I draw inspiration from nature, simplicity and intentional living — which shapes my minimalistic, soulful style. Beyond the breathtaking imagery, I’m also known for my creative direction, collaborative approach and drive to help passionate, whole-souled humans bring their creative vision to life.

creative portrait of woman looking out the window in Goa

Your Personal Branding Experience

how it works

Let's dive into exactly how I help creative business owners build and grow their online presence in an intentional way that is authentic to who they are.

Minimal macro of a propagated succulent growing roots

Seeking Mindfulness Through Photography

Photography is an extension of my spirituality.

It has been an invaluable means to 'see' more deeply & contemplatively. Being a keen observer of the ebb & flow of energy within myself, I also approach each subject with a curious heart & receptive mind.

I'm often on the move, a gypsy at heart. Being a fauji (military) kid probably had something to do with it! Whether it's in the enchanting locales of Goa, the dynamic cityscape of Dubai, or wherever my lens takes me next - I'd love to connect with you.

Silhouette of a fisherman rowing his boat against the setting sun in Udupi, Karnataka

Travel Dates

December, 23

/ Dubai, UAE


MArch, 24

/ Kyoto, Japan

May, 24

/ Bali, Indonesia

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your vision into stunning images while I'm in your city!

In the act of deeply seeing, we transcend the boundaries between the self and the otherness of the world, momentarily merging with the thing seen.

(Alex Grey)

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