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Creative Entrepreneurs


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This space is for you:

The founder. The creative.

The innovator. The seeker.

The expert. The original.


The personal brand experience isn't just about creating visual content aligned with your values. It is also a transformational journey that empowers you, connects you with your true self, and inspires you to step into the spotlight with confidence.

Let's embark on this path of self-awareness, creativity, and authenticity together.


The Personal Brand Journey

The experience matters as much as the end result

Of course, the photos we take are the main goal of our collaboration, but I'd like to think that you will enjoy the process as much as the images themselves.



We begin with a deep dive into your brand, your core values & mission, setting a strong foundation for visual storytelling. I want to understand the very essence of your brand - the driving force, the narrative, what sets it apart.



Together, we craft a shoot plan that aligns with your objectives. From locations that resonate with your brand's message to outfits & props that feel most authentic - we cover it all! This is where creativity meets strategy.



The photoshoot is the heart of this experience. I will create a relaxed, supportive environment for you to ease into it & provide gentle direction where needed — guiding you to bring out your best in front of the camera.



You get a sneak peek 3 days after our photoshoot! Then, I'll work my magic to craft a seamless, on-brand image library that's all about you!

The Result: A set of photos ready to leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Powerful outdoor portrait of woman joining hands in 'Namaste' as she looks up in reverence.
Your Brand Evolution


Prepare for a profound transformation. Transcend, my signature package, is designed for visionaries ready to take their brand to new heights. It's your ticket to a deep and immersive journey that paves the way for a comprehensive rebrand.

The extensive six-hour duration allows us to explore multiple locations, offering boundless diversity for your photos. This package also caters to brands with larger teams, ensuring that everyone can shine in the spotlight & amplify your brand's resonance.


*6 hour

*3-4 locations

*60 images

*unlimited outfit changes

Woman sitting by a large tree looks at the setting sun in a garden in Goa.
Your brand boost


Unlock a fresh brand perspective with this most sought-after package. Whether you're preparing for a new website, an exciting launch, or simply need a brand update, this package is tailored for you.

Awaken fits seamlessly into most schedules and is the ideal choice for those who want to make an immediate impact with an abundance of stunning images, making content planning effortlessly enjoyable.


*3 hours

*1-2 locations

*30 images

*unlimited outfit changes

your brand momentum



Experience the benefits of a regular content stream with exclusive subscription packages tailored to your specific requirements.

Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking fresh content on the regular, these packages offer monthly, quarterly or annual options for consistent and cost-effective content creation.

For more details & to discuss how to create a custom package for your brand's unique narrative, reach out to me.


Every Personal Branding Session includes:

  • Guidance: Step-by-step prep guides to create a mood board & shotlist to inspire your session.
  • Tailored Shoot Plan: A 40-minute shoot planning call to craft a personalized plan aligned with your brand's themes & goals.
  • Image Selection: Handpick your favorite images from your proof gallery.
  • Commercial Licensing: Your selected images will be delivered with commercial licensing.
  • Post-Shoot Resources: Receive guidance on utilizing your images effectively.
  • Client Features: Get the chance to be featured on my social media & blog, giving your brand more exposure.
Celebratory moment of two women as they pop open a bottle of champagne.
(That's not all!)

Optional Add-Ons

+ Additional Images

+ Extra Hours

+Brand Story Video Clips

+ Hair and Makeup (recommended)

+ Exclusive Location Rental (recommended)

+ Content Strategy Consultation (with content expert)

Studio portrait of woman holding a flower in front of her face with grey textured background

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She's professional, accommodating, down to earth & very pleasant to work with. Vaijayanti's brilliant photography is a treasure house & I'm grateful to have had such power house of talent as my brand photographer.


What do personal brand photos include?


The images from a personal branding session will not only show the face behind the brand, but also your personality & style. The photos could include behind the scenes shots, your products and/or services in use, your brand's aesthetic and its overall vibe - shot in a natural, uncontrived manner that is in line with my style.

Do I really need personal branding?


Did you know the average adult internet user's attention span is a mere 8.25 seconds!? That's why a striking, eye-catching photo can literally be THE game-changer. Personal branding isn't just about looks; it's your brand's ticket to visibility, recognition, and the success you're after!

What should I wear?


This depends on your unique style & brand identity. I always recommend a casual outfit, a smart-casual outfit, and a formal outfit. Variety is key to creating a diverse content library, but remember, excessive outfit changes can eat up valuable time during our session. Let's aim for a balance that maximizes your content without unnecessary interruptions.

Any dos and don'ts for me as a client?


Do: Get a good nights sleep the night before (it shows!). Trust your photographer. Be your authentic self.
Don't: Show up stressed (it shows!). Call your photographer to the venue hours before you are ready.

Are you available outside of Goa?


Oh yes! I love travelling, and am available for shoots anywhere in the world.
Additional travel costs would be added to the package for any shoots outside of Goa or Dubai.

Can I get the unedited photos?


In short, no. As an artist, my role is to enhance your images to meet the highest professional standards. The final, edited images reflect the unique style & quality that defines my work whereas a RAW image is half-finished. I don't want you receiving a unfinished product, and I also don't want anyone thinking that's the kind of work I deliver!

What does a commercial licence mean?


A commercial license grants you the legal right to use the images in marketing materials, ads, on your website, social media campaigns, and other promotional activities. The only thing you can't do is sell the images, as I retain image copyright, as per industry standard.

While you can certainly figure this all out independently, you don't have to. It's more than okay to empower yourself with support along the way.

Whether you're a spiritual entrepreneur, business mentor, or visionary leader, I'm here to help you bring your vision to life through my lens.
Lifestyle portrait of a woman in the desert in Dubai, UAE.