The shoot Vaijayanti & I did together was unplanned and impromptu, at the end of my Yoga retreat. It was just us having fun, and that's how I got to see how creative she is with her ideas.
Her own practice of Yoga adds to her photography and therefore she is perfect for clicking Yogis. Can't wait to shoot with her again.
— Diksha Lalwani
Love her frames.
So much feeling in stillness.
As beautiful as her soul.
— Priyanka Muniyappa
From the moment we looked at Vaijayanti's website, we knew she would create a magical photographic experience for our multi-cultural wedding and she exceeded our expectations.
She's professional, accommodating, down to earth & very pleasant to work with. Vaijayanti's brilliant photography is a treasure house and we're forever grateful that we've had such power house of talent as our photographer.
— Ronald Ligtenberg
She has passion for what she does and it can be seen through her photographs and felt when you are around her. Photography is not only about taking pictures but also depends on how well you can connect with people around you.
Apart from her talent she has a very sweet & strong personality, making it so easy for people to connect with her on a personal and professional level.
— Sneha Sawhney
Vaijayanti doesn't just capture a moment but creates forever memories through her photographs. She did my maternity shoot and helped me cherish that precious time through her beautiful work. She is so fun to work with that she even puts the most conscious subject at ease.
— Priyanka Agarwal
When I look back at the pictures, I have tears of happiness rolling down! Vaijayanti, the most captivating part of your work is how you frame things and capture all the details that a picture needs to understand each and every persons emotion in it! Hats off to you for having such an eye to detail.
— Shravanthi Arjun
Her pictures speak a thousand words but leave me speechless. Vaijayanti knows exactly how to capture an ordinary moment & give it an artistic flare and her magical touch.
I appreciate her professionalism, and how her personality puts everyone around her at ease. She actually stole my heart with her unique shots.
— Rithika Jain
Simply amazed by her talent behind lens. A pro at what she does and she is undoubtedly the best at capturing beautiful moments. I have had an opportunity to see her work over quite a long period of time. A great person to look out for photography.
— Sachin Talikot
Vaijayanti has the unique skill to be present at the most precious moment & the eye to capture the shot that encapsulates the whole experience of the moment in a way that makes you relive it all over again months later. I have worked with a lot of photographers & videographers but very few have the creative skills and attention to details that I have seen in Vaijayanti & her team.
— Megan Fernandes
Vaijayanti or Veg, as we lovingly call her, is a rockstar! The best thing you can gift yourself on your wedding. From being punctual to tirelessly working at odd hours, the team is power-packed & give it their all to make your wedding memorable for a lifetime. Our family & friends were blown away by the positivity they spread all around.
— Aditi Naval
What makes Vaijayanti the best photographer out there is her ability to capture the most defining moments of your festivities and then some! She is a thorough professional and completely understood how I wanted my wedding to be covered - she immortalized precious moments that I'll cherish forever.
— Stuti Kothiyal
I have admired Vaijayanti's work & the beauty she captures since she started her journey. I used to dream of being captured through her lens. She manages to somehow immortalise moments amazingly.
Then I got surprised by my sister as a wedding gift of Vaijayanti capturing our journey. She created pure magic & captured each emotion so beautifully. A lifetime of memories, laughter to relive everyday.
— Sandhya Rajan
Love her passion and personality (not just me, everyone thought so). Thanks for being so patient with us and accommodating all our needs. Now that the wedding is over all we have left from the weekend are the memories & your incredible photos.
Keep up the good work and happy clicking!!
— Bobby John
"Photography is an art of observation, it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them" - This is to me is a perfect description of Vaijayanti's photography. Thanks to you her, we didn't need paintings to fill our home's walls, as we had so many wonderful moments that she had captured that are now memories on our walls.
— Mitchelle Peter
Vaijayanti was such a pleasure to work with! She is really warm and approachable and is always open to your ideas. She has an amazing eye for detail and her pictures bring an involuntarily smile to my face each time I look at them.
— Sowmya Seetharaman
Vaijayanti is an awesome artist and so easy to work with. The positive energy and creativity that she and her team bring to the table is something you will instantly fall in love with. It will make you trust them, which is so important for a good experience.
— Mukul