Whether you are looking for an outdoor shoot in nature or photos of who you are everyday at home with your partner - think of these pictures as a record of all the weird, wild, and wonderful parts of the life you share together.
Couple steal a moment together and relax on a hammock on a beach in Kerala after their wedding
Monochrome tight closeup of couple holding hands
Pranay makes yashvi laugh as they hang out in bed at home
pranay and yashvi enjoying themselves at home
girl riding piggyback on her boyfriend as they share a playful moment outdoors
dreamy portrait of couple holding each other close
Garima and Shisir snuggle cozily on a daybed outside a wooden cottage and look out at the view together.
Shishir gently nuzzles Garima as they snuggle together on a daybed outside a cozy wooden cottage
Garima steals a glance at Shishir as she lays on him and they snuggle
Garima sits happily on shishirs lap at a cozy cottage in Nandi Hills, Bangalore as they gaze into each others eyes