Hi, I’m Vaijayanti Varma.

I believe my life’s purpose is to tell stories. As a child, I had a vivid imagination and would fill up journals with elaborate stories. I pursued a career in journalism before I discovered photography, which quickly became my chosen medium of expression.

Photography is an extension of my spirituality - adding depth to my personal vision and an invaluable means to 'see' more deeply and contemplatively. Being a keen observer of the ebb and flow of energy within myself, I also bring a curious heart and receptive mind to each individual I photograph.

I find value in simple living and this is reflected in my work. I have a soft, minimalistic approach with a whole lot of love for natural light.

I currently live in Goa with my husband and our cat, Poi. Apart from creating photos, I love quiet evenings at home, curling up with Poi or a good book, practicing Yoga, finding new sunset spots and long conversations about everything & nothing.


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